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Diversity in action is not just minimums and ratios: it’s the people behind the numbers.

Erickson’s initiatives on diversity are more than just a means of meeting requirements, but of strengthening its own workforce from within. No business can take its role in greater involvement of minority workers for granted, but we make a concerted effort to exceed expectations and requirements in our purchasing, recruitment, training, and employment efforts.

With touchstones at every key point along the way — from educational institutions, community, career, and business development organizations, workplace training programs, and corporate leadership – we take as thorough and supportive a role as possible in finding and identifying opportunities to make a difference.

C. Erickson & Sons has successfully managed minority practice requirements and goals for many of its clients. We are proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer at all levels, and an active MBE / WBE supporter.

Erickson has an Equal Opportunity Officer, as well as an Equal Opportunity Committee which consists of the leadership of each of the company’s departments, as follows:

Pre-Construction / Estimating
Project Management

Erickson’s Diversity Committee reviews and monitors the individual project’s economic opportunity plan requirements. We formulate our adherence goals and requirements, then implement the plan goals through the entire process. In this way, we help not only guarantee the typical good-faith requirements, but actually achieve our goals.

Records of our Equal Opportunity Plan, citing our compliance through each department, are recorded and updated throughout each project, and used during our Oversight Committee meetings.

Minority Joint Venture Partner
Erickson has taken our commitment to supporting and promoting minority businesses to the next level by entering into a Joint Venture agreement with Kairos Development Group, LLC, a Certified Minority Firm in PA and NJ. Kairos specializes in providing strategic and organizational development guidance, as well as construction management support to clients. With expertise in the areas of education, fundraising, construction management, community and economic development as well as organizational development, Kairos has a track record of successfully working with organizations to enhance and grow their capacity to provide excellent services or products. Kairos is invaluable in broadening and strengthening Ericksonís existing minority subcontractor relationships and serving as a bridge for outreach to communities and neighborhood associations in which we are building. As a strategic partner, Erickson is committed to not only providing these enhanced services to benefit our clients, but also to further develop and expand our Minority Partnerís expertise and skill set through a mentoring relationship.




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