The Franklin Institute

The Franklin Institute

Franklin & Jordan Hall Renovation

Renovation & Modernization

Flood Damage Repair

222 N. 20th Street | Philadelphia, PA


2010 Grand Jury Award Winner | Preservation Alliance

2009 Best Historic Preservation Project | GBCA

Dating back to 1824, The Franklin Institute is one of the oldest centers of science education and development in the United States and is home to the historic Benjamin Franklin National Memorial.

The full historic restoration of Franklin Hall called for protection of the marble flooring, as well as the Franklin statue itself, cleaning of all marble, limestone, and pre-cast cement, restoration of bronze doors, grates, railings and gates, pane replacement for the four half-moon windows overlooking the Hall, pane replacement of the glass oculus at the peak of the 82-foot dome, and gold re-gilding around the oculus.

Erickson was responsible for Construction Management of the museum’s renovation and upgrade initiative. The work was phased in occupied space, and included system-wide replacement of the mechanical and electrical infrastructure, cooling towers, and piping.