University of Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania

Tanenbaum Law School

Silverman Hall

Chem 57 Lab Renovation

Student Health Center

Music Building Renovations

Philadelphia, PA

Founded by Benjamin Franklin, the University of Pennsylvania is a private, Ivy League research university, and one of the original nine Colonial Colleges. In addition to its educational accolades, Penn is associated with vital innovations and discoveries in many fields of science and the humanities.

Erickson has provided construction services for The University of Pennsylvania on select projects, including:

Phased renovations of  26,000 square feet of occupied space over three partial floors, equipping the Tanenbaum law school with new offices, seminar rooms, and a multi-media teleconferencing center.

Refitting University of Pennsylvania’s Silverman Hall and creating student meeting areas, multiple tele-video conference rooms, and a complete corridor renovation in the associated Tanenbaum Hall. Details included cherry stile and rail doors, and custom wood lockers.

Complete preconstruction and fit-out of the school’s chemistry lab, including 12 fume hoods and associated casework, electrical, and mechanical work.

12-week fast-track project converting 25,000 square feet of shell space at the Student Health Center into sixty new patient exam rooms, conference rooms and administrative space.