Design Build

We Build With Integrity

Erickson and Sons, Inc. is an accomplished general construction and construction management firm proudly serving the Philadelphia area. One of Erickson’s highly sought-after services is our design-build construction capability. Contact us to start building the future of your project with Erickson.


What Is Design-Build?

Erickson’s design-build approach allows for single source accountability through the lifespan of the project. Erickson works with the client early in the planning phase to fully understand the client’s program, budget goals and schedule. Once the programming and goals are confirmed, we engage with our most experienced and qualified design partners capable of meeting the client’s expectations. Throughout the design process and through our collaborative team efforts we strive to incorporate a best value approach. This provides the client with the best cost economies for their project and ensures the most comprehensive and successful project for the entire team.

How Does Our Approach Benefit You?

Our clients have a direct hand in planning each project from the very beginning. This allows for clear communication in every aspect, and encompasses the full scope of the project. When things change, as they often do, clients can count on us to work collaboratively with them to adjust and adapt. We hold clients in high value, and we make sure they receive the best value for their contract. At Erickson, we believe in the strength of partnership with our clients, in establishing direct lines of communication from the get-go. Our clients trust that the work we do for them is exactly what they asked for.

Why Choose Erickson?

We have served clients from a varied range of industries, including but not limited to corporate, institutional, medical, utilities and  food service, for over 25 years. A highlight of our company is our in-house team, comprised of highly skilled professionals, guaranteeing quality results. Working with our team allows for timely completion of our clients’ visions. 

We have won multiple awards for our historic preservation efforts across the Philadelphia area, including our work on the current Linode Headquarters, previously known as the Corn Exchange National Bank & Trust Co. Our reliability has secured us an equally reliable customer base. When you choose us, we choose you too. 

Is Design-Build Construction Sustainable?

Erickson takes pride in the fact that all of our projects are held to a high standard of sustainability . It’s a priority for us to remain eco-friendly.  We routinely recycle all our construction debris through a partner  waste management firm; in addition to paying attention to air quality by using low VOC materials. When we work with a client who has expressed interest in sustainability or LEED certification, we bring in our LEED Accredited  team members to advise with material options and planning phase. Erickson has accomplished multiple  LEED certified  projects for clients such as Aramark and PECO